Black Moon (3:50)

Artist: Claire Bennett

Akasha (1:25)

Artist: Evan DeRushie & Hercinia Arts Collective

Elementary Physics (1:25)

Artist: John Halfpenny

High-Spirited (2:00)

Artist: Heather Harkins

Even the stand-in was absent (3:29)

Artist: Craig Marshall

(Re)Cycle (1:50)

Artist: Lynn Wilton

Artist Bios

Claire Bennett was born in Toronto and holds a degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal. With an emphasis on craft and narrative, she works with painting, sound and animation to pursue themes of tradition, fantasy and the natural world. She lives and works between Toronto, Montreal and North Carolina. Director & Animator: Claire Bennett; Post-production: Villa Villa Nola.

Evan DeRushie is fascinated with deconstructing the process of animation, and making it accessible to anyone. His current mission is a technique called Lunamation, which he employed for The Jessica Stuart Few's "Kid Dream" music video, as well as this current piece titled "Akasha." Together in collaboration with Hercinia Arts Collective, an aerial performance company, they use mixed-media to translate the fluid movement of aerial and dance into a surreal and chaotic animation.
More information at www.evanderushie.com and www.herciniarts.com.

John Halfpenny has been pursuing an experimental approach to animation for over thirty-five years, from his TV series work for Nelvana to collaboration on group projects like KUNSTBAR or his novel documentary collaboration on THE DARK YEARS. Currently, John is exploring new methods of digital story-telling with THE MUSIC CITY EXPERIENCE.

Heather Harkins learned animation from the brilliant director Helen Hill. Her work has screened on four continents, and she has enjoyed artist residencies hosted by Toronto Artscape, as well as the Echo Park Film Centre. In 2010, she was elected a Lifetime Member of the Atlantic Filmmakers' Co-Operative. She fully intends to do something with www.heatherharkins.com in the near future.

Craig Marshall was born in Montreal but he lives here now. He went to school for animation in 1989 at Sheridan College. In 2001 he got a computer and in 2003 he won an award at Annecy's Animation Festival for Best Internet Short. Since then he has made a few more shorts including one inspired by Ray Mead's work. The project called Eleven in Motion celebrated the work of the Painters 11. It has been shown at the McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa for the past year. His work can be seen at his website:

Lynn Dana Wilton is an animator/artist/designer who finds her hands happiest when busy and, lucky for her, the brain usually follows.

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